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  Sunday 16th August, 2020

Distress, frustration, sadness, big emotions and behavioural problems affect the well-being of most kids and teeneagers at some point.

The addition of disruption, grief and loss following bushfires and now remote learning and COVID-19 restrictions, can mean we are dealing with these things a bit more often, when our resilience with managing them might be under pressure.

🌈 There is help available, with lots of easy-to-understand, practical advice covering a wide range of issues. This has been developed by Australian child psychology experts at Calm Kid Central. The GOOD NEWS is that this has been made available for FREE to all Gippsland families. (Subscriptions are funded by the Gippsland Primary Health Network).

The course is worth $170 and provides parents with weekly information and the opportunity to ask questions directly of skilled child psychologists.

I highly recommend families take advantage of this offer as a practical and easy way to help parents feel more.confident, make home schooling less stressful and to help our kids develop the skills they need for managing these extraordinary times
- Dr. Sara Renwick-Lau (General Practitioner and mother of 3)

To join for FREE - click on JOIN NOW and then tick YES on the COUPON question, scroll down and FOLLOW THE LINK for gippsland residents, type in your POSTCODE and you will be sent an email with your COUPON CODE.

🙋‍♀️ Don't forget that Teen Clinic and Mallacoota Medical Centre can help with personal and confidential assistance with any any issues that might be causing distress. We can also direct you to a growing range of local and high quaility support services.

To get some tailored advice, just call to make an appontment with any of our clinical staff (doctors or nurses)